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  3. Tuesday, 29 October 2019
Hi folks,
Now this is a real pain for me.

Using Page Builder on my Gazette template website, everytime I add to a page the "Articles" add-on, it applies <strong> tags to all the elements below, and it also changes the line-height !

This is a great error and it is causing my several headaches!

Can some staff point me in the right direction to solve this?
I havd done a few corrections using my custom.css, but as you can imagine that is not appropriate, because we are talking about a bug.

The preview inside Helix/PB looks OK, but as soon as I save the page, it applies the horrible bold font-weight and <strong> tags in various sections below the Articles add-on insertion point !!!

My site is at http://www.minhodigital.pt.
If you need I can email you some credentials to log in!

bold everywhere in the bottom footer.png
normal bottom and footer without bold weight.png
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Folks, I just figured a quick fix to solve this. :p

The problem causing the ensuing "bold" is the Articles Intro, when it has the bold font weight.
What happens is the the intro text cuts at some point, but any bold/strong typography is not closed, and continues throughout all other modules in the page.

Anyway, this needs to be fixed asap! :o
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