1. Helix (not supported anymore)
  2. Sunday, 25 March 2018
I will like to move the article info block (Title, Author, Category, etc) above the main image and make it H1.

I will also like to have Sidebars appearing on all article pages.

How do I achieve this
Accepted Answer
If we talk about Helix3, you have to edit that file (single article):

Customization it's on your side only.
Sidebars appearing on all article pages.

What is sidebars?? In Joomla we call it module positions, this is not limited WP.
Left or right module position, I guess.
If you have such a module position set in Layout, you have to assign module(s) to menu items where they are used. It's typical Joomla knowledge.
use Advanced Module Manager (from RegularLabs) which will allows you to assign module to all pages where are articles.
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