1. SP Page Builder 3.x
  2. Thursday, 20 December 2018

I am using Page Builder Pro and the Gazette template. I need to be able to have the articles addon pull images from the Joomla intro image.

1. Adding an image a 3rd time (in addition to joomla core is more time consuming).
2. "Featured Image" upload does not support caption or ALT text (SEO?).
3. Featured images when resized for the various template areas are not resizing properly. For example, a Joomla core (intro image) will maintain 100% width - though the Blog "Featured Image" - for example when on tablet will be smaller (not full width.
4. I also noticed images uploaded to "featured" cannot be globally resized. They must be deleted and re-uploaded if the pixel dimensions need adjusted.

That said, can you point me in the direction to:
1. Use joomla into image as source
2. Use Featured Image (helix blog) if one is uploaded

Accepted Answer
Hi there,

Download the zip file and unzip & replace the file location to work with Joomla image.


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