1. News Show SP2 (module, not addon!)
  2. Sunday, 12 January 2014
I am using the Awetive Template on Joomla 3.2.1

There is no Alternative Layout in the Advanced Section of News Show SP2 to obtain the Scroller drop down selection, making it impossible to obtain the News Show SP2 layout used in the demo.

Also there is no 'Use Custom Javascript' option to all 'Yes' to be chosen as used in the demo.

I can create the Joomla articles I wish to place in the module, but would like to use the layout shown in the demo (I assume this is possible when the Scroller option and Javascript 'Yes' is available).

What position is used in the demo for News Show SP2, (I know I can place News Show SP2 anywhere, just wanted to know where it was in the demo).

Please fix for me, admin access available on the site, just let me know where to send details.
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Please PM me admin access.
Hi Kowshar,

Access details sent.

I had installed The Awetive template v 1.0 (not quickstart as it is a live Joomla site with data) to my Jooma 3.2.1 website (I will install Awetive v 1.1 with the search fix later) and you can see the Alternative Layout and Use Custom Javascript options are missing:

News Show Problem Image = http://www.screencast.com/t/d3Wa4Jnop

I downloaded the Awetive quickstart package to my local WAMP and the New Show module works perfectly on Joomla 3.2 (your current Quickstart version) and 3.2.1 when I updated it on my local site.

I was able to enter the correct demo set up details for the News Show module in my live version of the module (except for the Alternative Layout and Custom Javascript options) using the information in the Quickstart New Show module and I see the position 'Content' was used in the demo for the module.

I have changed my live site position to 'Content'.

All help appreciated.

I have the quickstart package on my local wamp and can upload correct files or access local files to copy and paste correct details into my live files if that is an easy option and you tell me what to change and it is faster than you accessing the site to fix the issue.
Ok, got the issue. Update coming after few hours. Btw, I have updated your sites module. Take a look.
I just downloaded the news show module from this link: http://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-extensions/news-show-sp2

the java script option is still missing.

May you help me please?

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