1. SP Page Builder 3.x
  2. Tuesday, 01 September 2020
hi I use fronted editor and change image src,
but when i choose new image and press insert
all content is gone

please help

my joomla ver 3.9.21
sp page builder ver 3.7.4

and developer tools has message
Uncaught TypeError: data.image.indexOf is not a function
at eval (lodash.templateSources[193]:740)
at t.value (engine.js:30)
at t.value (engine.js:30)
at s (engine.js:43)
at beginWork (engine.js:43)
at o (engine.js:43)
at i (engine.js:43)
at l (engine.js:43)
at _ (engine.js:43)
at w (engine.js:43)
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