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  2. Wednesday, 20 March 2013
I know you can adjust the width of the main columns, but how do i adjust only the "top1", "top2", "top3" and "top4"?

I see it when i right click and choose "inspect item" in Google Chrome (width 15%, width 13% and width 72%)

When installing Kunena template i get "File template.xml" missing in template archive, cannot install this template"

Accepted Answer
Please, go to templates index.php file you can see
<?php $helix->addModules('top1, top2, top3, top4', 'sp_none', 'sp-toppos', '15,13,45,27'); //positions top1-top4 ?>

You can modify it from here. Can you please, PM me your admin access for Kunena template
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This is the page
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Anyone? :)
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