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  2. Friday, 03 February 2017
I'd like to ADD the TAB addition to Those Present "Description" "Reviews" and "Box Title"
but I do not know how to do, there is a plug-in?
Otherwise I change something?
I still would like a description field you can edit
Thanks for your help.
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those tabs are from VirtueMart component . Sorry but we don't provide full support for VirtueMart, as it is a third party extension. Please contact VM developers and community at http://virtuemart.net.

Also, you may want to check what tab extensions have already been written for VM by other third party developers at its section at Joomla Extensions Directory.
----- In Web I have found such tip --------

1) Edit product under Components > Virtuemart > Products > Products.
2) Click on Custom Fields tab. Make changes under the Specification field:
3) Then here:: templates/shaper_eshopper/html/com_virtuemart/productdetails/default.php

<?php } ?>
<?php if ($this->product->customfieldsSorted['custom']) { ?>

in section where tab code is.
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