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  2. Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Is it possible to style the presets in the Accordeon Addon to the style of the site i'm building? Where can i find the files?
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Hi Roy,
What files you want to change: PHP, JS or CSS ?
About PHP file(s) - we strongly suggest to override "accordion" addon inside your template. How to do this you will find in SPPB 3x Documentation > FAQ section.
So you will not loose changes after component update.

About CSS file - it's much better to override default CSS styles using custom CSS code. You can use custom css from your template (suggested method), or add here
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I hope you know how to use Code Inspector from your browser to check which classes you have to override to change design of accordion tabs. In YouTube there are tips for Chrome and Firefox. It's task on your hands only.

About changes JS - not recommended, they request too deep integration.
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