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How to add new row at the template. Please refer image below. The idea is to add 3 logo to that new row.


Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 9.50.59 AM.png
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Only as new Row:
1) Click Add Row in the row above
2) Click Add column and choose the grid
3) Then just choose module positions for each column
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You cannot add more rows in the current row. In Helix3 based templates it's not possible. In your case, You have to add a new Row above
use the custom CSS method to add image using CSS styles, for example,

#sp-top-bar::before { content: url(image.jpg); }

But don't forget that #sp-top-bar has a static position, so its style has to be customized as well.

If you're real webdeveloper with CSS knowledge you should be able to do that.

Sorry, I cannot help more as you may see, it's not possible from default settings.
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