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  3. Sunday, 03 September 2017
Hello admins and users,

I struggled with the language problem, when I wanna work with one SP Page Builder-site with different languages.

First of all I want to request the SP Page Builder programmer, if it is possible to give every addon a language tag, so we can build a page with many languages at once. And we need a fallback, when something is not translated, that the basic language content is displayed.

My solution is:

1. Give the body the language tag:

- <body lang="<?php echo $this->language; ?>">

2. Give every multilanguage addon a additional class:

- language lang-en (e.g. for english)

3. Go in your css and set a new rule:

- body:lang(en-gb) .sppb-addon.language:not(.lang-en) {display:none;}

The best solution is to programm it globally for every addon. So we would have a single multilanguage site and on need to build different sites for every language.

Thanx in advance.

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ad 1) I am pretty sure that language prefix class, for example, en-gb is added is body.
ad 2) We can consider it, sure.
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ad 2) Right now you have to add lang tag for each addon or row manually.
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That’s pretty cool, Paul.

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Hey Paul,

can you give us a example, what we have to insert in the css class.

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It depends on you what you want to get
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I have to enter some css string in a row or a addon like this:




or what ever?
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So that is no solution:

we have to have a query in php:

if class "de-de" {display: that};
if calss "en-gb" {display: that};

Did you solve it?
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I talked with developer, right now no plans for it.
So you have to add class names manually for each Row.
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Checkout my solution here as well The most easy way to build Multi Langauge SPPB Site

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