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  2. Sunday, 15 May 2011

I have 3 questions:

1) how to change unordered/ordered list within article into arrow/star list?
2) how to input blocknumber within article?
3) article slideshow does not work as I want/as seen in your demo on site. Which module I have to use for it to work correctly?

Hope someone is still reading this forum! :)
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1. You can do it by changing <ul> class. Here is the classes with whom you can use to list your unordered/ordered listings with arrow/star/checks :

<ul class="check"> for check listings
<ul class="arrow"> for arrow listings
<ul class="stars"> for star listings

2. You can input a blocknumber in your article in this way: <p class="blocknumber"><span class="bignumber">YOUR NUMBER.</span>Your content goes here!</p>

3. Check these two things:
1. check if the mtupgrade plugin is off.
2. check if there is any jQuery enabled. jQuery can cause conflict problem!

Let us know if you have any more problems.
Thanks :)
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I have a created a list using a textbloc on the homepage.
See http://www.web-itc.be/computerhulpathome

I cannot find how to change the list icon into a thick.

Can you help me?
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TinyMce editor have option to switch into Sourcecode/Html mode - use it to change basic of HTML code.
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Yes but there you can only choose for circle, disc and square.
I want a thick (V) before each item.

You say hereabove that you must change the css but where does this have to be changed?

I use Sp Page Builder.
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Yes, to use "v" chars for list, you have to use extra custom code.
Search in google tips how to add images into ul list.
It's quite basic code, easy to implement.

Example links:

There is also method without img, but sorry, we do not teach HTML, CSS here.
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