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  2. Tuesday, 13 February 2018
As many people, Helix and SPPagebuilder are my favorite tools to build sites for my clients.
I have 2 suggestions, to be even more happy :
1 - The Joomshaper templates and SPPagebuilder should have more pre-defined and original designs, as ... another Pagebuilder that I have to use sometimes as additional to SPPB.
2 - In this forum, I would appreciate to be able to list my own old posts, to remember the answers, and save time to everybody by not asking twice the same question.
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Thanks for your valuable suggestions.
1. We are going to update our page builder within this month and we tried to add more predefined templates there.
2. Hope these screenshots will help you for your second query https://prnt.sc/ie2v7j https://prnt.sc/ie2zou

-Best Regards
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1 - Good news, but it's not only templates, but original designs for each addon : tabs, gallery, buttons, image content ....
2 - You don't say how I can display all my posts, before I start a new discussion.
I've seen I can display them by clicking my avatar when I just started a discussion.
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Yes before starting a discussion there is no way to check your all questions.
Thanks for your great idea.
We'll try to implement this :)
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